Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something Happened...

(Originally published July 2010)

'Sup All,

I recently had an experience that solidifies my belief that people have destinies and that many times God sometimes uses us as pawns to his greater good.I donated a kidney to a friend of mine on May 10th 2010, but it is the events leading up to this that truly provide the 'Godsmack'.

I met Beverly in 2003.  It would have been enough of a miracle if we had met while we were both members of Colonial Baptist Church, a large predominantly African-American church in Randallstown, MD, however we didn't meet while we were members there.  Beverly and I met when Colonial decided to start a plant church in the Owings Mills area.  I was not an active member at Colonial.  I would attend and give my dues and that was about it.  I'd arrive late and leave early to make up for it (think about it).  So when Colonial decided to start the plant church, I was probably the last person who anyone would think would be involved, including myself.  But, for some reason, I decided to get involved. I knew with starting a new church it would be 'all hands on deck', everyone would be needed to carry part of the load.  No sitting in the back of the church this time.  We settled on a name and Crossway International Community Church was born. 

Beverly and I met one Sunday as I was (ironcally) early for church one morning.  She mentioned during testimony time that she had kidney problems and that her doctor told her she needed a transplant.  Again, for some reason beyond my own knowledge or strength, I volunteered to be tested.  At the time I was working in DC which made it all but impossible to get tested right away.  Then "Somthing Happened" and I was able to leave my job in DC (a true blessing) and got a job closer to home. 

I went to get tested and the blood test  Then there was the tissue testing...again...a Test after test came back as a match.  While I was working in the Baltimore area again, I was not working as a full-time employee.  I was a contractor which meant that I didn't have benefits like Short Term disability.  This meant that any time off I had to take was on my own dime.  This would have created a bit of a hardship on me.  All this time, mind you, Beverly's kidney function is holding at a steady 17% (not bad, but not good by any stretch of the imagination).  So then "Something Happened" and I got a contract position with a company I had long wanted to work for.  The possibility of going full-time was good, but the process usually took about 2-3 years.  But then "Something Happened" and the company asked me to come on board full-time after 9 months.  This meant that I had short-term disability benefits.  It was only a couple of months after this that I received a call from Beverly stating that her kidney function had gone down to 15% and that the doctor was now ready to talk seriously about the transplant.  Less than  year later the transplant took place.

I was reading Beverly's biography recently and, if the other events weren't enough to put me in awe of God's greatness, this fact gave me goose-bumps.  Beverly was diagnosed with kidney disease in September 1997.What is so significant about September 1997?  It was the very month and year that I moved to Maryland.

I guess "Something Happened" way back then to put all these pieces into place.

Makes ya' think...doesn't it!

Peace (V)

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