Thursday, May 16, 2013

@Work: Creating a SharePoint Content Type

@Work: Creating a Content Type    


I recently had a request to add a field to provide descriptions with folders in SharePoint.  Basically, my boss wanted to be able to provide instructions as to what should go into the folder. 

I knew I’d have to create a content type.  Content types are very easy to implement once you understand what they are and what they do.  Content types can inherit characteristics from parent content types that already exist.  In my case, the folder content type would be the parent and the new content type would be “Folder with Description”.

Creating Content Type

  1. Go to Site Actions->Site Settings
  2. Click “Content Types” (Under Galleries)
  3. Select “Create” from the top of the screen and you will be presented with this screen:

  1. Fill in the name and description (optionally)
  2. Now Select the Parent Content Type.  This is the content type that most closely matches the characteristics that you want your new content type to possess.  I selected “Folder Content Types” because I wanted a folder, with the added capability of providing a description.  Under folder you will have two types “Folder” and “Discussion”.  I chose “Folder”.
  3. I chose to place the new content type into an Existing Group rather than a new group, just as personal preference and clicked “OK”.

Modifying the Content Type

  1. Once my content type was created, all I needed to do was add the additional characteristics that my boss wanted it to have.  So, I found the content type that I created and clicked on it (it will be presented as a hyperlink).
  2. I selected “Add from existing site columns”.  I know that a description field exists, so I didn’t have to create anything from scratch.

  1. I selected the “Description” column

And clicked “Add->”

  1. I chose not to update all content types inheriting from this type.

Add New Content Type as an option in a Library

Your new content type will not show up immediately.  You have to tell your library to recognize and utilize the new content type. This is how you do that.
  1. Navigate to the library that you want to use your content type
  2. Select Settings->Document Library Settings
  3. Select “Advanced Settings” under General Settings
  4. On the “Document Library Advanced Settings” page, change “Allow Management of Content Types” to “Yes” and click “OK”.  This will provide an additional group of settings under the header “Content Types” on the Customize page.

  1. Click “Add from existing site content types”
  2. Select your new content type from the “Available Site Content Types” box and click “Add” to move it to the “Content Types to Add” box and click “OK”

You should now be able to see your new content type as an option when you click the “New” button in your library.

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